Hey Folks, I thought I should write a bit of a post as to what I'm up to these days.

As of May, I'm a DevOps Engineer at Hutchinson Networks, working on their Fabrix platform. Fabrix is HN's Managed Cloud Service Provider offering, where we do IaaS services for businesses. My main work is on the portal to access this platform, building new features, managing the software side of the deployment and such things. It's good fun ^_^.

Aside from that, I've passed the first half of my fourth year at Uni, finishing off fourth year when I head back after Summer. TARDIS now has a new domain, http://tard.is/ which I want to find stuff to do with. There's also all sorts of fun stuff happening with TARDIS at the moment, it's very cool.

I've also moved, this year, to using IRCCloud as my primary IRC Client. It's worth the subscription for the mobile functionality alone, but it seems to do the job really nicely to me.

Anyway, I'm running out of things to say, so I'll leave it there. Ciao!

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Harry Reeder

About Harry Reeder

I'm a software engineer, currently working for IBM UK, for my placement year, while studying Software Engineering at Edinburgh Napier University.

With IBM, I currently work with the CRYSTAL Project, and do a lot of work with OSLC.

I love to code, and especially so in Python, at the moment. I've also had varying experience in PHP, .NET, C++, Ruby and Java. Some of these have been primarily through my university course, some of these have been projects which I have used to learn the language in my own time.